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    and should think a little, she would recommend me to stay a few

    what put marriage in your head?’

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    ‘My dear,’ said Mr Micawber, ‘your papa was very well in his

    it frosty Steerforth dusted me under a lamp-post, and put my hat

    Lian long cilia thinking, but suddenly heard a messy footsteps outside.

    Barkis’s room like light and air, brightening and refreshing it as if

    wall on the occasion in question, for any light it threw upon her

    legend, and calling to him to bring out his gold ‘You ain’t poor,

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    ‘I am charmed, Copperfield,’ said Mr Micawber, ‘let me assure

    grass of that churchyard; nothing half so shady as its trees;

    in the form of a Sea Porkypine! Right for all that,’ said Mr

    to propose two months—three—an indefinite period, in fact—but I

    and turn about All this time we, the outsiders, remained

    ‘Is that you, Peggotty?’

    was out of breath: when she sat upon the fender again, and, drying

    about me I was afraid of hurting Mr Micawber’s feelings, or, at all

    ‘Oh, pray, pray, Edward,’ cried my mother, ‘don’t accuse me of

    my sobs, she put me on the sofa, with a shawl under my head, and

    watch-chain was so massive, that a fancy came across me, that he

    or seven shillings, I know well; and I was out at the warehouse all

    mine, you know Will you remember that?’

    ‘Come!’ said she, accepting the offer of my hand to help her

    We departed early in the morning, for we had a Salvage case

    hair I thought it was better to borrow Captain Hopkins’s knife and

    ‘In breeches and gaiters, broad-brimmed hat, grey coat,

    ‘Afraid!’ I said, with a becoming air of boldness, and looking

    How could I ignore her life if I can ignore, not Xinrudaoge that pain, like the eye without the blade cut in the heart, a knife cut, hurt badly mutilated, but should be calm, not her.

    unfettered—if I had not a partner—Mr Jorkins—’


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