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    Yellow Audio Novels

    I may say, with the turning-point of my existence Copperfield, my

    The Doctor, however, who felt, I am sure, that he was making

    pursued Agnes, ‘he had told papa that he was going away; that he

    he gave me to understand that they were an inferior race of men,

    thanked you for it! You have forgot that, I have no doubt, Master

    I was on the point of asking him if he knew me, when he tried to

    will, where there was a neat little estate of thirty or forty thousand

    Silence ensued, and I was considering how I could best

    of Salem House, and the sound in my ears was not the sound of

    and to say on the way that she hoped I would repent, before I

    innocent; and so you are his friend Well, that’s quite delightful!’

    began to do with a timid and uncertain air that I thought very

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    hill among green leaves Presently, it stopped, and had come to its

    your godfathers and godmothers gave you, it’s the name I like best

    The judge of the Prerogative Court might have fallen in love

    which it wouldn’t Also of looking round the room for any sign of

    David Copperfield

    relative to which, and to all my late holiday, I wrote a long letter to

    good employ, you know, Mas’r Davy, and I han’t no way now of

    self—and in developing,’ he added, as an afterthought, ‘the

    kind friend, who will be kinder yet, I venture to predict, if you

    That’s what your father and mother might both have been,

    trifling with her affections, poor dear She must be well brought

    I said I was sure it must be delightful to her, and all that was

    coming to the house, he made acquaintance with Uriah The

    perishing out of my remembrance Mealy Potatoes uprose once,

    which the one followed up whatever the other said, was a touch of

    enough of that for one while) and walked with him as far as the


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