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    I had sex with a male dog the other day

    David Copperfield

    something beyond that place and time,—they, and the Arabian

    there may be better and more dispassionate judges of such a

    David Copperfield

    declaration with great bitterness

    David Copperfield

    Shepherd in the stocks for turning in her toes!

    there have been times since, in my manhood, many times there

    Mr Barkis turned his eyes upon me, as if for my assent to this

    in a very luxurious state of mind, enhanced by my being sleepy As

    clerks, who was an outsider, used, in the height of this contest, to

    ‘How long ago?’ I asked

    Murdstones upon me was like the fascination of two snakes on a

    stalking out of the house exactly as my poor mother had so often

    Just take a mouth like this until the bowl comes to the bottom.

    to Brooks of Sheffield!’ The toast was received with great

    at it yesterday Did you think whose it was?’

    had been doing something, tending to the annihilation of the

    manner, holding her glass upon her knee, she suffered it to stand

    shutting of doors, the murmuring of voices, the footsteps on the

    ‘Mine, perhaps you recollect,’ said Traddles, with a serious look,

    Again I answered, ‘Oh!’

    My spirits sank under these words, and I became very downcast

    established on a sufficiently strong basis to bear, without being

    for my child to be influenced by a piece of youthful folly like the


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