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    Exchange of Love Night Passion

    was quite mistaken: for she laid aside her work (which was a

    with another roar, ‘in the form of a Sea Porkypine! Why, at the

    motive, nor was I moved by fear of him I admired and loved him,

    outside the windows; the broad hard leaves of which plant

    ‘Doen’t, my dear! You doen’t ought to cry so, pretty!’

    Wickfield, and that I should want for nothing, and gave me the

    Peggotty’s kitchen, opening into a back yard; with a pigeon-house

    him at all At last I awake, very queer about the head, as from a

    the lockers, which was just large enough for us two, and just fitted

    David Copperfield

    were more and more brightly exhibited as the hours went on; for I

    that! Franklin used to fly a kite He was a Quaker, or something of

    or four of the quaint windows I had looked up at from the street:

    With those words, he retired, kissing his great hand, and leering

    help them at their present pass, and they lived more comfortably

    soft eyes of hers:

    I did not fail to assure him that I would store these precepts in

    had been playing the harp all night, was trying in vain to cover it

    foreman of the packers, and another named Tipp, who was the

    looked at him any longer, I might be tempted to say something out

    I looked in all directions, as far as I could stare over the

    and when I looked at Agnes by her side, and thought how good

    some porter and oysters, I sat revolving it still, at past one o’clock,

    you that to have beneath our roof, under existing circumstances, a

    called out of school next forenoon, and found Mr Micawber in the

    at him—or at both of us He said a man was not to be dictated to I

    upon the trodden grass Sometimes I see the butcher, bloody but


    at with a whip, now shouted at, now down in the mud, now up


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